Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby To Pen TOMB RAIDER Reboot

Duo Hired To Tackle the reinvention of Lara Croft!

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have signed on to write the TOMB RAIDER reboot for GK films. The duo, who have previously done rewrites on "Iron Man" and "Children of Men," plan to do an origin story for Lara Croft and and reinvent her into a more compelling action hero. This will also be inline with the reboot of the Square-Enix-published games as Croft recently went through a redesign to make her edgier and darker.

First appearing in the Core Design's "Tomb Raider" on the PlayStation, the action game follows the adventures of Lara Croft, a British archaeologist who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world in search of rare artifacts.

Graham King and Tim Headington to produce.

Fergus and Ostby are repped by CAA.


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