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Should All Academy Members Be Allowed to Vote For Every Oscar Category?

East Coast Editor Edward Douglas wonders whether Academy members should be tested for their knowledge of filmmaking before voting rather than be admitted to the most exclusive film group merely based on prestige alone.

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Super-Premature 2019 Oscar Nomination Predictions, Because You Know You’re Curious About “Black Panther’s” Chances

Damien Chazelle and his First Man star Ryan Gosling will square off once again against Barry Jenkins (If Beale Street Could Talk), but will the team behind the Dick Cheney movie get the last laugh, or will it be Martin Scorsese and his Netflix movie The Irishman?

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Now and Then: Before They Were Oscar Nominees (Video)

Many of this year's acting nominees have had long and full careers before this year's nominations. Not all their early choices were particularly sound, but some of this year's nominees have been paying their dues for decades.

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“The Shape of Water” Triumphs at the Oscars, Becoming the First Sci-Fi Movie to Win Best Picture

But in the end, when everything was said and done, the right movie probably won Best Picture. The Shape of Water truly represents the best of Hollywood, from its flawless direction and stunning production design to its sumptuous score and rich performances, three of which earned Oscar nominations.

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The Complete List of 2018 Oscar Winners — “The Shape of Water” Night’s Big Winner

With 13 nominations, Guillermo del Toro's fantasy-drama walked away with four Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director, Score and Production Design.

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Apes Together Strong… But Not Strong Enough for the Academy?

War for the Planet of the Apes is the third movie in the 20th Century Fox franchise that received critical raves for its visual FX then was snubbed by the Oscars. What does the Academy have against apes?

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Is There Any Room for Potential Surprises, Spoilers on Oscar Night?

We look at some of the categories that might throw a wrench into your Oscar pool if things don’t go as some are expecting.

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Go Big or “Get Out”: No, PricewaterhouseCoopers Wasn’t Hacked, It’s Just Our 2018 Oscar Predictions

All eyes are on the heated Best Picture race, but Best Cinematography and Best Original Screenplay are two categories that are worth paying close attention to, as either one may signal this year's big winner.

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Academy Awards Could Redefine What It Means To Be Best Actor

"The state of being a man, of being old enough and mature enough is so severed that brilliant performances are often neglected. This lack of diversity throughout the years means the Best Actor category is stacked with older men who have, paid their dues to get even the head nod of being nominated," writes Sabrina Cognata.

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How Can the Oscars Measure Up After Last Year’s Unforgettable Ending? Bet on “Black Panther” and the Bearded Lady

It would be great if the Moonlight team comes out to bask in the triumphant moment they were robbed of last year and give a proper acceptance speech before handing out Best Picture to their successor," writes Neil Turitz.

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Your Complete Guide to the 2018 Oscars Parties and Events

Jimmy Kimmel is set to present the Oscars to some of the brightest stars in the industry on March 4, but before that night arrives, as well as the day of, there are going to be glamorous and star-filled parties and events to celebrate the big night. Here at the Tracking Board, we have all information on the pre-parties, after-parties, and more.

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Reviewing the 2018 Oscar-Nominated Live Action Shorts

DeKalb Elementary, The Eleven O'Clock, My Nephew Emmett, The Silent Child and Watu Woke (All of Us) are all good, but which one is likely to win the Oscar in this extremely tough category?

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Views are Changing Towards “Oscar Fodder” Yet Some Actors, Filmmakers Still Can’t Catch a Break —

Are this year’s unconventional nominees meant to stir things up from the norm or is there actual bias against certain actors and filmmakers because they’re such obvious choices?

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Reviewing the 2018 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

Our first series of brief reviews of the Oscar-nominated shorts currently playing in 200 theaters across the country before Oscar night on March 4.

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Oscar Politics: How Important Social Issues Might Affect Best Picture and Other Categories

Examining the upcoming Oscar race and the socio-poligical implications of some of the Best Picture nominees and how their relevance to what's happening in the world might give them an advantage.