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PaleyFest Highlights: "American Horror Story: Roanoke"

Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates deliver the laughs to a loud and loving Dolby Theatre crowd while Cuba Gooding Jr. reminds us why Angela Bassett might be immortal. Executive Producer Brad Falchuk promises cross over characters as story opportunities present and explains format was the key to cracking the Roanoke mystery.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "Westworld"

Jonathan Nolan is a veteran of fan events, well-practiced in only giving fans information that he wants them to know, and Westworld's PaleyFest event was no different... until a reveal regarding the season one finale caught the audience completely off-guard.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "Pretty Little Liars"

With Pretty Little Liars facing its final ten episodes, the creators and cast reflected on their time spent working together and how the series has impacted their lives, both on and off screen.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "Bob's Burgers"

Comedy shows have been having a tough time the past year as they attempt to walk the line between commentary and an encouraging future, and this theme hung over PaleyFest and its Bob's Burgers panel.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "Orphan Black"

The Orphan Black panel opened up with a huge surprise for the audience, followed by an hour of tears, hugs, and family. With Orphan Black officially wrapped on their final season, the executive producers and cast reflected on their time spent working together and how their own characters will influence them as people moving forward.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "Late Late Show with James Corden"

West Wing alum Bradley Whitford took a turn on the other side of the table as he moderated the Late Late Show panel at PaleyFest with host James Corden and executive producers Ben Winston and Rob Crabbe.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "NCIS: Los Angeles"

CBS brought out the stars of NCIS: Los Angeles at this year's PALEYFEST, but the fun procedural had a sadness hanging over it due to passing of Miguel Ferrer.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "Grey's Anatomy"

Grey's Anatomy has been famous since the beginning for its steamy relationships, but discussions at PaleyFest reminded us that it is female friendships at the the core of the series.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "This is Us"

With the surprise guests, heartfelt moments, and an audience on the edge of their seats, the This is Us panel at PaleyFest felt akin to every episode of the hit series. Tearful ending included.

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PaleyFest Highlights: Heroes & Aliens

Andrew Kreisberg and Stephen Amell led the panel and showed just why powerless Oliver Queen is still the leader that the CW-DC universe need in the panel highlighting Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

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PaleyFest Highlights: "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead doesn't need any monsters. It is a monster. Paley Fest's feature of this iconic show proves that each actor is beloved by fans, and even the executive producers get a little bit of action, too.

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PALEYFEST 2016 - The Complete Wrap-Up, Recap And Analysis

Last week, The Dolby Theater was infiltrated by a slew of popular television shows, their stars, and their fans for a series of panels. Here's the complete recap and analysis from this year's Paleyfest.

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The first weekend of PaleyFest ends with the executive producers and cast of Supergirl as they deal with the most important questions, like which cast would win in a sing-off: The Flash or Supergirl?

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As the cast and creators of Black-ish took to the stage at PaleyFest, conversations varied from writing process, to Norman Lear, to that time Tracy Ellis Ross supposedly punched co-star, Anthony Anderson. See all the top moments here!

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The cast of Scream Queens hit the stage of PaleyFest for an audience filled with pink faux furs and ear muffs for an hour filled laughs and thrills, and we have all the top moments for you here!