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Lean on pete 3034026c

Andrew Haigh, Charlie Plummer Explore Teen Struggles in Coming-of-Age Drama “Lean on Pete” (Interview)

The filmmaker behind 45 Years and Weekend tells the story of a boy and the horse with whom he bonds, along with the young star of Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World.

Writing 0eab502e

Despite a Bold New Suggestion for Crediting Screenwriters, the WGA Shouldn’t Change a Thing

Multiple WGA members are lobbying for an “Additional Writing By” credit section, naming everyone who had a hand in a film's screenplay. The general concept behind this is that, if you were hired to write and you wrote, you should get credit for that work, whether or not said work was used. But is that really a good idea?

Ready player one 0131d3f7

“Ready Player One” Sacrifices Another Dynamic Female Character for Male Gaze

"Without the extensive buildup of backstory [from the book], Art3mis essentially loses her own storyline and purpose and, in doing this, Artemis’ sole purpose becomes a visual totem used as fodder for the obsessive male gaze," writes Sabrina Cognata.

Geraldine viswanathan e7afb495

Up-and-Comer of the Month: Geraldine Viswanathan on Avoiding Racial Stereotypes and Why “Blockers” Wouldn’t Land If It Were About Boys

The rising Aussie actress talks about her new raunchy comedy, plus emojis, keg stands, inclusion riders and whether or not she reads her own reviews.

Blockers eeb1e05f

“Pitch Perfect” Writer Kay Cannon on Making Her Hilarious Directorial Debut With “Blockers” (Interview)

The high concept comedy stars Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz and John Cena as the parents of three teen girls planning to lose their virginity on prom night.

Various be87dedd

Nostalgia is Bigger Than Ever, but Maybe It’s Time to Move Forward Rather than Looking Back? (Opinion)

The Roseanne revival is one of ABC's biggest hits since the original Roseanne, while Steven Spielberg revisits his own past in Ready Player One.

The book of henry 079d82ba

Defending “Book of Henry” — Maybe It’s Time to Give Colin Trevorrow a Break for a Movie Few People Saw (Opinion)

With Trevorrow just confirmed to direct Jurassic World 3, people are still harping on the disaster that struck when the filmmaker's Book of Henry cost him the Star Wars gig"… but did it really?

Chappaquiddick 099177c7

“Chappaquiddick”: Filmmaker John Curran Explores the History and Mystery Behind Ted Kennedy’s 1969 Scandal (Interview)

Starring Jason Clarke as the Massachusetts politician, whose car went off a bridge into the bay, killing Mary Jo Kopechne (Kate Mara) and raising questions that affected the Kennedy family.

Steven spielberg b11705e5

Ranking Steven Spielberg’s Top 10 Movies: Dinos and Aliens and Sharks, Oh My! But No “Indiana Jones”

In reviewing Spielberg's filmography, what stands out most is his range, as illustrated by the fact that Jurassic Park and Schindler's List both came out the same year. Those two films couldn't be more different, and yet they were made by the same singular storyteller. Imagine having that kind of talent!

Apple a24 a62e2559

A24 Is a Prime Acquisition Target In a Buyer’s Market, So Who’s Interested? Maybe Apple, Maybe Not

While insiders have denied that a deal is in the works, one would make sense since Apple is preparing to make a formidable entrance into Hollywood production, and it could use a library to build around.

Outside in 27eb7cad

“Outside In” Filmmaker Lynn Shelton Returns to the Big Screen After Four Years of Directing TV (Interview)

The director of Humpday, You Sister’s Sister and more has been quite successful directing shows like Fresh Off the Boat, New Girl, and Netflix series Glow and Love.

Steven spielberg 71a9656d

Steven Spielberg Steps Into the Future With “Ready Player One,” So Why Can’t He See That the Future Includes Netflix?

"Steven Spielberg doesn't think that Netflix movies should be eligible for Oscars. So would Spielberg, who has been such an enormous supporter of the #MeToo movement, begrudge Mudbound cinematographer Rachel Morrison her history-making nomination? In the words of my therapist, 'there’s a lot to unpack here,'" writes Neil Turitz.

Gemini c1b814c5

“Gemini” Filmmaker Aaron Katz Explores L.A. to Create Contemporary Noir (Interview)

Winner of the John Cassavetes Award for Land Ho!, Katz's new noir thriller stars Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle) as the personal assistant of a young starlet (Zoe Kravitz), who gets caught up in a murder mystery.

Netflix 9278aaf3

Is Netflix Going Overboard on the Amount of Content?

East Coast Editor Edward Douglas opines about the fact that sometimes having too many options means you'll never have time to watch some of the less-publicized content.

Bob balaban 355122e1

“Isle of Dogs”: Renaissance Man Bob Balaban on Voicing a Dog in Wes Anderson’s Second Animated Film

From Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Gosford Park, Balaban has experience on both sides of the camera, and Isle of Dogs is his third time working with Anderson.