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Lionsgate Is In Play, But Who Are the Potential Buyers?

"The three big companies being bandied about are the reconstituted CBS-Viacom, Verizon, and Amazon. Each has its pros and cons, but to me, only one of them is truly the right fit. So let’s take a look at each and examine why they are or are not Cinderella’s slipper," writes Neil Turitz.

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Disney Buying Most of 21st Century Fox’s Assets for $52.4 Billion

The Fox News Channel and other Fox broadcast networks will be spun-off into a new company with this new company retaining Fox.

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Disney-Fox Deal Is the Rotten Cherry On Top of a Miserable 2017 For Everyone But Theater Owners and the X-Men

Here’s the other elephant in the room: Is Disney even done buying right now? After all, the company isn’t just battling current threats like Netflix and Amazon, but future ones like Apple.

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If the Studios Have Anyone to Truly Fear It’s Amazon

It’s been a fun summer, taking a deep dive into each of the major studios, as well as the mid-majors and the biggest and more relevant indie distributors, but it’s probably fitting that we end with the company that is most certainly the biggest disrupter of them all: Amazon.

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Bleecker Street Looks to Succeed Where Other Indie Distributors Failed

As we march inexorably toward both the end of the Studio Series, we come to one of the most interesting entries of the entire enterprise. Bleecker Street is a new and exciting operation in the indie world that has designs on much bigger and more impressive prey, and ultimately succeeding where Broad Green recently failed.

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Annapurna and Studio 8 Are Just Getting Started, But Can They Make It?

It's one thing to take an existing company and examine its ups and downs based on a concrete history. It's a whole other kettle of fish to utilize the same set of standards and apply them to a pair of companies that have no real track record at all, but which have declared themselves as major players in the arena moving forward.

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The Weinstein Company's Struggles Continue, But Is There a Way Out?

Exactly a year ago, when we took a look at The Weinstein Company during this Studio Series, we talked about the fact that the company was in the midst of a terrible year, and was strapped for cash. Three hundred and sixty-five days later, little has changed.

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Focus Features Still Suffering Growing Pains at 15 (Studio Series)

It’s tough to have one’s cake and eat it, too, but Focus is certainly trying. If you doubt it, look at the success of 2016 and, though the first seven months of 2017 have been the company’s worst since 2010, the list of upcoming releases is as impressive as anyone's. In the 15 years since its creation, Focus it is responsible for some of the very best examples of what independent film is and can be.

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Open Road's Interesting Strategy Needs to Start Working Better -- Now (Studio Series)

What’s interesting about Open Road's history is how much of an outlier a film like Spotlight was, and whether or not anything like it will come from them again anytime soon. Regardless, what is very evident is that the soft grosses of the last couple years can’t persist for too much longer, or else we could see Open Road fall to the second division of indie distributors.

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Roadside Has Become More than Just Another Indie Attraction (Studio Series)

A big part of success is finding the right plan and sticking with it to fruition. If we judge Roadside by that measure, and by the quality of the projects they put on screens, then we also have to acknowledge that Roadside Attractions is one of the better examples out there of just what an independent film distributor should be.

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Fox Searchlight Needs a Hit, But Luckily, There Might Be a Few On the Way (Studio Series)

Fox Searchlight is not in any trouble, but they need to make sure their miserable 2016 doesn't become a habit. However, both the company's history and its upcoming slate suggests the future is far more promising than the past.

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A24’s Rise to the Top of the Film World Has Been Fast and Furious (Studio Series)

In the world of independent film, and the distributors involved, having a definitive identity is a major part of the battle. It’s a battle that, for now, A24 appears to be winning.

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STX Looks Like It’s Not Doing So Well, Until You Look Closer (Studio Series)

Things aren’t perfect at STX, far from it. But considering how long it’s been around, and how far it’s come in that time, things could be a whole heck of a lot worse, with a future that doesn't look anywhere near as bright as STX’s does.

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Lionsgate Does Something Nobody Else Does, Which Is a Good Thing (Studio Series)

What to make of an outfit like Lionsgate? The company has established itself very firmly as the maker of mid-level films that the studios don’t often make anymore, as well as genre fare and, now and again, the kind of franchises that lead to huge international box office, but it still can't be lumped in with the Big Six.

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It’s Summer Time, and, for Universal, the Livin’ Is Easy (Studio Series)

Universal is chock full of the successful partnerships and franchises so key to success in today’s marketplace that it's continually vying for the top spot alongside current Hollywood powerhouse Disney. Could it dethrone the Mouse House this year? Not likely, but it's still set up for a tremendous year nonetheless.