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Ready player one 032789a1

“Ready Player One” Review: Lifelong Gamer Steven Spielberg Has a Blast Using Nostalgia to Deliver a Personal Film Packed With Visual Wonder

"There's one sequence here that Spielberg to pay tribute to not one but two artists he adores, and he recreates a specific film to such a startling degree that it made me dizzy. It is stunning work, and even now, a few days later, I can’t really believe what I saw. That's one reason I consider Spielberg the greatest commercial filmmaker of all time," writes Drew McWeeny.

Tomb raider e1af69a5

“Tomb Raider” Review: Alicia Vikander Delivers as a More Vulnerable Lara Croft, But Her Quest Needs Some Work

"The script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet & Alastair Siddons is largely functional, built with a sort of A-B-C plodding literal-mindedness that never really swept me away like a great adventure movie can, but there are some good choices in the film -- including its leading lady," writes Drew McWeeny.

The strangers prey at night 0ffb7948

“The Strangers: Prey at Night” Review: Deliberately Derivative Slasher Flick is Still Better than It Ought to Be

"The movie only really starts to get interesting as the weak characters start being picked off one by one," says Edward Douglas.

Isle of dogs 92266e50

“Isle of Dogs” Review: Wes Anderson Returns to the Animated Realm for Another Delightful Offering

Drew McWeeny says that Wes Anderson's latest is "brimming over with love and a sly sense of play that makes it one of the most instantly enjoyable of Anderson’s films."

A wrinkle in time 478dc5f4

“A Wrinkle in Time” Review: Ava DuVernay’s Ambitious Sci-Fi Movie Proves Frustrating Despite Its Terrific Young Lead

"There's a visual ambition here that I found striking, but not every book makes an easy translation to the screen. I want to see filmmakers subvert and challenge the status quo even as they make Disney blockbusters, and if the results don’t quite connect, at least we see new voices dreaming big in new ways," writes Drew McWeeny.

The leisure seeker 7c76a446

“The Leisure Seeker” Review: Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland Deserve Better Material than This Sappy Road Dramedy

“There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here in terms of storytelling, and it seems like a fairly trivial waste of its two leads,” says Edward Douglas.

Death wish 114da98a

“Death Wish” Review: Eli Roth’s Remake Might Arouse Donald Trump, But It Adds Nothing to the Gun Violence Conversation

"I’m not sure what to make of Bruce Willis as an actor these days. This is a weird performance, full-stop. Not good. Not bad. Weird. Willis hasn’t been seen in a theatrical lead role since 2013, and he’s oddly inexpressive these days," writes Drew McWeeny.

The ritual 8e1d253a

“The Ritual” Review: David Bruckner’s Disturbing Monster Movie Stands Out Among Netflix Originals

The Ritual won’t surprise fans of the genre by breaking some rich new narrative ground, but it may surprise them in terms of how controlled and rewarding it is by the end," writes Drew McWeeny.

Mute ab018ff4

“Mute” Review: Story Problems Stifle Duncan Jones’ Sci-Fi Film, Which Tests the Limits of Alexander Skarsgård’s Range

"There are actually two movies unfolding side-by-side here, and one of those stories is more interesting than the other. There's a lot of good work in Mute, but my biggest problem with the film has to do with the way those stories finally come together," writes Drew McWeeny.

Annihilation dd31aacc

“Annihilation” Review: Alex Garland Delivers an Essential, Visceral, Adult Sci-Fi Experience… Again

"It's harrowing and beautiful and oddly emotional, but I also get it if someone doesn’t get the same thing out of that final act. Garland took a big swing here, and it’s hard to complain about Paramount’s choice to let the director keep his vision for the film intact," writes Drew McWeeny.

Game night bfb8d02a

“Game Night” Review: A Genuinely Enjoyable Comedy Featuring a Fun Ensemble Cast and Stylish Direction

"Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are enormously likable on their own, but paired, they are exponentially more so. She tempers some of his sarcastic edge, while he brings out a sharper side of her, and the combination proves quite winning," writes Drew McWeeny.

Tehran taboo 936eb195

Under the Radar: The Animated Drama “Tehran Taboo” Is Disturbingly Enlightening about the Treatment of Women in Iran

Ali Soozandeh's first film to get a U.S. theatrical release deals with a number of interlocking stories dealing with the antiquated religious beliefs in Iran that hold women back, while male dominance and sexism thrives.

Red sparrrow 468b8c8e

“Red Sparrow” Review: Russian Spy Film Is Too Slight to Stick, But It’s Perfectly Tailored for Jennifer Lawrence

"Considering how much of the film is about the power built into any sexual exchange, it’s interesting to see how Francis Lawrence avoids the easy 'male gaze' traps of the genre. The film doesn’t feel like it’s objectifying its star, who clearly shares a certain trust with her director," writes Drew McWeeny.

Black panther b355901d

“Black Panther” Review: A Thrilling Fantasy-Adventure That Packs Several Blockbusters into One

"Simply put, Black Panther is a thrilling fantasy-adventure with a vivid new palette, a superhero film that manages to feel like it packs in about eight different types of modern blockbusters into one big sprawling introduction to a world that is so big that it feels like the screen’s barely able to hold it all," writes Drew McWeeny.

The cloverfield paradox cac1235f

“The Cloverfield Paradox” Review: A Silly Movie That Pretends to Be Serious

"Once again, Netflix has spun gold out of creating a cultural disruption, and the movie at the center of the commotion almost doesn’t matter.," writes Drew McWeeny.