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Champion 7027dff7

Studio 8 Acquires Action Thriller Spec “Champion” About American Brothers Forced Into Thai Boxing

Gary Scott Thompson (The Fast and the Furious) penned the original spec, which has since been rewritten by Run All Night scribe Brad Inglesby. Storyscape Entertainment is producing with Pioneer Pictures.

The beast cbfa0541

Aaron W. Sala’s Launch Pad Finalist “The Beast” Sells to The H Collective

Sherryl Clark will produce the horror thriller, which follows the sole survivor of a plane crash, who washes ashore on a mysterious island where she faces her worst fears.

Prisoners f3a4e78d

Bellevue Shopping Thriller Spec “Three Day Hold,” Described As a Female “Prisoners”

Written by Scott Blaszak, the script follows a psychology grad student who comes to believe that her new patient holds the key to the mystery surrounding her sister's disappearance 13 years earlier. When no one believes her, she takes matters into her own hands and sets out to find her sister by any means necessary.

Bolsa negra ab52f322

WME Shopping Hot Spec “Bolsa Negra,” Like a Dark “Jerry Maguire” With a Latino Lead

The script hails from the writing team of David Rabinowitz and Charlie Wachtel, who penned Spike Lee's Black Klansman, which sounds like it could be Lee's first commercial hit since his 2006 heist movie Inside Man.

Sanctuary city e671fe88

Verve, Bellevue Shopping Timely Spec “Sanctuary City” About Violent Standoff Between LAPD and ICE

Hot off selling Body Cam to Paramount Players, Richmond Riedel's new script is set against the backdrop of an aggressive, politically-motivated deportation raid that escalates into an explosively violent standoff in East Los Angeles.

Signs 7b293a8a

Verve Shopping Hot Spec “Invasion,” a Home Invasion Movie Set During an Alien Invasion

John Swetnam and Harris Wilkinson wrote the script, and according to those who have read it, it's a home invasion movie set during an alien invasion.

73 seconds 168e806f

Hollywood Hot for "73 Seconds" Spec About Aerospace Engineers Who Warned of Challenger Disaster

Several scripts have already been written about Christa McAuliffe and the crew of the Challenger, as well as the Rogers Commission, which was formed by the government to investigate the disaster, but no one has ever written a script about Bob Ebeling and Roger Boisjoly, whose story is fascinating in its own right.

Green rush 99eafaeb

Hollywood High on Matt Tente’s “Green Rush,” a Heist Spec Set In Medical Marijuana Industry

Green Rush is described as a dramatic heist thriller in the vein of Hell or High Water, but in an urban setting, and with a father-daughter dynamic instead of two brothers.

New regency ce471744

New Regency, “The Purge” Duo Team Up to Produce Hot Genre Spec “Take Back the Night” (Exclusive)

James DeMonaco and Sebastien Lemercier will produce the genre film from up-and-coming scribe Ryan Riley, who recently landed a spot on the 2017 Young & Hungry list.

Zendaya witherspoon c557b3b5

Zendaya, Reese Witherspoon Team for Psychological Thriller “A White Lie” as Buyers Consider Hot Package

Monica Beletsky will adapt Karin Tanabe's book The Gilded Years, having previously episodes of such hit TV shows as Fargo, The Leftovers, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights.

Shawn levy 30325767

“Stranger Things” Producer Shawn Levy in Talks to Direct Hot Spec “Crater” for Fox

John J. Griffin's script is described as a coming-of-age story set on the moon. It follows a boy living a lunar mining colony who, after the death of his father, takes a trip with his four best friends to explore a mysterious crater prior to being permanently relocated to another planet.

Take back the night 275efd73

Buyers Circling "Encyclopedia Dad" Scribe Ryan Riley's New Short Story "BB3L," Feature Spec "Take Back the Night"

Available to read on, "BB3L" is being pitched as a contained family drama with global sci-fi implications and socio-political themes.

Curious george c10e3144

Studios, A-List Talent Circling Spec About "Curious George" Creators Hans and Margaret Rey

The Jewish couple survived Nazi occupations, public and professional discriminations, and battles of sexism in the publishing world before they would go on to share their creation with the world.

Fort knox c0812666

Joe Gazzam's Horror Thriller Spec "Knox" Heating Up Hollywood Heading Into Halloween Weekend

The script follows a group of thieves who target Fort Knox, though they soon learn that it was never built to keep people from getting in... it was built to keep something from getting out.

Scripts 75a6d9ee

Patrick Mahon's Sci-Fi Thriller Spec "Engram" Hits the Town (Exclusive)

The smart sci-fi thriller harks back to the likes of "Minority Report" and "Looper."