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JESSICA JONES Review: Season Two

The second season of Jessica Jones is perfectly adequate. The story is fine. The character development is fine. It’s aesthetically gorgeous. But it lacks the depth and relevance of the first season in a few crucial ways that leave this feeling pretty basic rather than transformative.

Abigail spencer and susanna thompson in the middle of world war one cb72b157

TIMELESS Review: Season Two

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are back on "Timeless" attempting to stop Rittenhouse from creating a tyrannical world that only benefits its members.

Rise 5dd87be5

RISE Review: Season One

Created by Jason Katims and inspired by the book "Drama High" by Michael Sokolove, "Rise" is about an English teacher who feels unfilled with his current position and decides to lead the drama program.

Champions 6ce682fb

CHAMPIONS Review: Season One

With most comedies, the pilot is rough and they spend their first season working out the kinks, but that's not the case in Mindy Kaling's new series.

The oath af759220

THE OATH Review: Season One

Crackle's new series highlights a corrupt gang world within the police force. What should be something we've seen many times before ultimately flips the script but fails to dive deep into the interesting ensemble.

Unsolved bcd85495

UNSOLVED Review: "Nobody Talks"

With both investigations heating up, the officers find that getting people to cooperate on the cases is much harder than expected.

Hugh dancy and frieda pinto have a realization of their shared past 2f54d967

THE PATH Review: "The Strongest Souls"

Vera and Eddie discover their shared past on "The Path", while Sarah attempts to get Eddie to meet with Lilith to learn the origins of Meyerism.

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THE FLASH Review: "Enter Flashtime"

In the season's best episode thus far, Team Flash must prevent a nuclear bomb from destroying Central City using Barry's new abilities.

Hap and leonard enter grovetown 27816b86

HAP AND LEONARD Review: Season Three

In its most captivating installment yet, "Hap and Leonard" displays a newfound focus and maturity, alongside invigorating new cast members.

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LIFE SENTENCE Review: Season One

Stella finds out she's no longer going to die in six to eight months, but also learns that basically every part of her life up to that moment has been a lie.

Agyness deyn and jim sturgess at a crime scene f569a59b

HARD SUN Review: Season One

"Hard Sun" focuses on the trouble detectives Hicks and Renko uncover when they stumble on some top secret intelligence MI-5 would kill to supress.

Riggs and murtaugh argue be1c8cc7

LETHAL WEAPON Review: "The Odd Couple"

The “Lethal Weapon” boys investigate a murder connected to Trish while Murtaugh waits for his apology and Riggs calls on his oldest friend.

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THIS IS US Review: "This Big Amazing Beautiful Life”

"This Is Us" tackles the human experience in this week's Deja-centric episode.

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Kevin thinks he may have found the next righteous one when he helps a stranger with their uncle's burial wishes.

Jefferson attacks cf1ecb14

BLACK LIGHTNING Review: "Equinox: The Book of Fate"

On this week's Black Lightning, Tobias tries to frame Jefferson for Lady Eve's death. In the wake of discovering Anissa has powers, Jeff and Lynn figure out what to do next.